I Speak English, French
Female , born on Sep 7th
Kelowna , British Columbia   Canada

Favorite Herb: Gotu Kola
Element: Wood
Zodiac: Ox
Activities: Nature, walks, Meditation, reaying
Interests: Self help. Ascension Balanced Health
When Not On, I am... Working at my studies, enrolled in Dual Diploma of Acupuncture and Phytotherapy

Organizations: College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupu


5 Elements Acupressure Practitionnr (Bilingual French/English) Always working towards understanding the bodies, mental, physical, emotional, causal, etheric, spiritual, light body and I am certain there are more unknow ones. I am fascinated and want to know more and build relationships with other people that are also on a healing journey towards creating a better balanced world. I am vegan/vegetarian since May 2009 (with exception of some dairy in my coffee when I am at restaurants, hard to find soya milk every where) I try super had.