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What Makes a Good Marketing Essay?

What makes a good marketing essay? A good marketing essay is one that communicates the goals of an organization or business to its target market. It might also be used as a tool for the public relations department to promote good will with customers. In both cases, it should be able to build on what has been said in previous communications and engender trust between the company and its potential customers. A good marketing essay should not be used to push a product, but rather to promote the values and good will of an organization.

Another important aspect that makes a good Marketing essay is personalization. One way this can be done is by incorporating references made in previous communications - if it says "Dear customer" on one page, then say "Hi Bob" or something similar on another part of the document. Another good strategy for personalization would be using examples from the target market as much as possible throughout the text as well as including images with captions about those people who are near and dear to them (their family members). The idea here being that customers want to feel like they have been heard instead being talked at so listening goes a long way.

The good marketing essay should also be written with the reader's interests foremost in mind - what are their problems? How can they be solved by using a certain product or service? What does it offer that other similar products and services do not have to entice them into buying something new instead of sticking with something more familiar. After all, if one is not excited about changing their current behavior for whatever reason, then there is no point in trying to market to them.