Tim Tremblay

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I Speak Spanish
Male , born on 1/6/1949
Bushnell , Fl   United States

Favorite Book: Holy Bible
Favorite Herb: Fo Ti
Activities: Writing/Recording/Gardening/Reading/Meditating/Praising God/Viewing Nature/Martial Arts/Cooking Vegetarian/Cycling occaisionally/Landscaping/etc.etc
Interests: Creation
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... Writng - Recording - Singing Praises unto Christ

Organizations: MY OWN THING


Old hippie musician who loves Christ First (everything else is secondary at best). A man who works in a Palm Tree Nursery in Clermont Florida USA (as minimally as possible to pay bills), I am a certified Herbalist who has been using varios medicinal herbs since the 1960's and have cured many problems with nature. I write and recoord original Praise Rock music. Love my cat Prissy who is pure white with tiger eyes. If you have all day I could go on and on but I have other things to do right now so "sianara" !