Kevin Farrow

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Sydney , New South Wales   Australia

Favorite Book: Tao te Ching
Zodiac: Horse



Kevin Farrow is the founder of AcuEnergetics - a school and modality from Australia, with strong ties to both ancient Chinese and ancient Judaic medicine. AcuEnergetics treats imbalances and illnesses of the body and mind using acu points and channels and also energy centers of the body, with off the body energy techniques rather than needling or pressure.

Currently AcuEnergetics is taught in Australia, India, Holland, England, Italy and Romania. The school has several hundred current students. Graduated practitioners include acupuncturists, western medical doctors, shiatsu practitioners, osteopaths and physiotherapists - who have now embraced AcuEnergetics techniques as the basis of their diagnostic and treatment plans. Please feel free to check us out at our website -

Kevin Farrow is the author of The Psychology of the Body, Meditation as Medicine, and Skindeep, He is also the author and presenter of the enlighten meditation series - a modern library of ancient light body meditation techniques. In addition to teaching AcuEnergetics and treating in the AcuEnergetics Clinic in Sydney, Kevin also runs meditation retreats around the world.