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Female , born on 3/29/1948
Santa Cruz , California   United States

Favorite Herb: nettles/fo ti
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Rat
Activities: Yoga, biking, hiking,meditation, spending time with my fiance & our pets, spending time with my 2 grown children, gardening,lecturing, leading herb walks
Interests: Continuing my studies (herbalism, yoga, spiritual, botany). Growing my clinical herbal practice, permaculture,sustainable living, travel
When Not On, I am... probably in the garden!

Organizations: American Association of Nutritional Consultants


I am a Planetary Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist. I started my nutritionist career with Jack LaLanne in the 70's, studying with his personal nutritionist, Brian Keith in San Diego. Jack was one of the most influential people I have met and his enthusiasm for helping others lit my fire! I began my herbal studies with Jeanine Pollak, after home schooling my children for 15 years, then completed the 2 year program at the American School of Herbalism after which I completed the 3 year program at East West School of Herbalism facilitated by Michael & Lesley Tierra. I graduated in 2009. I continue to participate in the forum and case studies chat room.

I have attended numerous herbal workshops, field and camping trips which enabled me to study with Christopher Hobbs, Thomas Garren, Ben Zappin, Darren Huckle and 7 Song to name a few.

I have studied energy healing with Dr. Kam Yuen, Dr. Zhi Gan Sha, Eric Pearl and Master Timothy Dunfey. I studied shamanism with Brant Secunda and Patricia White Buffalo.

I have been a student of yoga for 11 years under many great teachers and taught yoga at a charter high school until the program was cut.

I love the wilderness and am active as an activist to protect our wild areas and preserve our rights to use supplements and alternative medicine.

My life path has led me to desire to serve others. It is time to give back, in honor of all of the great teachers I have had, human and otherwise. I want to share what I have been blessed to learn, to never stop learning and listening, and to plant seeds of wisdom in others to empower them to have the healthiest, most productive life possible. I love to share, teach and learn from others.