Yolanda Calle

M.Ac., BA
Member since November 2011
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I Speak English, French
Female , born on 11/11/1988
Los Angeles , Ca   United States
Website: http://www.sea-zen.org

Favorite Book: I Ching
Favorite Herb: Gan Cao
Element: Fire
Activities: Yoga, meditation, biking, hiking, reading, qigong,
Interests: TCM Herbology, aromatherapy
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... studying

Organizations: American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA), California Acupuncture Medical Association



Challenged but excited about my first year in the M Ac program! In business in Japanese bodywork since 2006, I made this choice years ago, and am finally at a place where it makes the most sense. My birth year is 1964; Fire Dragon and Water Rabbit. This makes perfect sense to me as I can be a hardass and a cotton ball in the same moment. My fire side can dance and play with fire, and my water side won't get out of the water on beach days. These are the years I am set to shine in my life which are supposed to be the years when we wane. I have energy to tackle the daunting job of mother, grad student and semi-celebrity spouse. TCM has always been in my heart and now is being brought to my head. Fantastic.