Jeff Huber

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Male , born on 7/20/1981
Baltimore , Maryland   United States

Favorite Book: Ishmael
Favorite Herb: Ku Shen
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Rooster
Activities: Animal Acupuncture
Interests: Music, writing, herbalism



My path to the healing arts began as I pursued a Bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology at New College of Florida. I suffered from severe food allergies, which were revealed by blood tests to span a whole spectrum of common foods such as onions, basil, oregano and cinnamon. I went to countless doctors, many tests were run, and in the end, the only relief I found was to consistently avoid those foods by eating only plain chicken, vegetables and rice. A friend who attended acupuncture school told me about practitioners trained in food allergy elimination. At that point, any offer of relief was welcomed and I jumped at the opportunity to get better. The acupuncturist I saw used the technique and over the next few months, and, with time and patience, I found I could eat whatever I wanted again. I remember after working with her on my tuna allergy, the joy I felt eating spicy tuna rolls at my favorite sushi restaurant. I could not believe I could eat them again without the same crippling abdominal pain I felt before. Pleased with my results, I stepped back into the world with a new perspective and I told everyone I knew about how amazing the work was for me and suggested it to anyone with food issues. After moving to another state, a knee problem that caused me to fall over at unexpected and often embarrassing times led me to an orthopedic surgeon who informed me that my left kneecap was out of place and recommended surgery to correct it. I decided to pursue an alternative solution and sought out another acupuncturist. In one session she was able to completely resolve my problem. I woke up the next day with a different feeling in my left leg. My bad knee now actually felt better than my good knee. I was astounded and it was at that moment I decided to look into acupuncture schools. At a Tai Sophia Institute open house, I listened to the founder of the school discuss their unique philosophy that the body is wise, and explain that