George Love

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I Speak English
Male , born on 11/4/1949
Boca Raton , Florida   United States

Favorite Book: What the Bleep
Favorite Herb: purple sage
Element: Wood
Zodiac: Ox
Activities: Qigong
Interests: Drumming & Dancing
When Not On, I am... Teaching & Healing



Who is Dr. Love? Dr. Love awarded Diploma in Acupuncture, 1981, Montreal Dr. Love is initiated in the Little Blue Death Ceremony of ancient Egyptian Mystery System Morocco 1982 Dr. Love initiated into Kemetic Priesthood, Shrine of Ptah Dr. Love was initiated by several Amerindian teachers in purification ceremonies Dr. Love trained by Shaman Durchback Akuete in Togo 1984 Dr. Love awarded Doctor of Oriental Medicine Degree 1985 Dr. Love is empowered to teach Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Dr. Love licensed as Acupuncture Physician 1986 Dr. Love is High Priest of Prince of Peace Temple 1994 Dr. Love Grandmaster of Blue Dragon Qigong Academy 2001