Kim Maidment

Lic.Ac., BS
UserPhoto friendly, Degree qualified Acupuncturist with lots
Member since November 2007
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I Speak English
Male , born on 4/2/1957
Paignton , Devon   United Kingdom

Favorite Herb: rose petals
Element: Wood
Zodiac: Rooster
Activities: Motorcycling, walking, swimming, cycling, camping, kayaking. Building and improving my house.
Interests: Dental Acupuncture Cosmetic Acupuncture and Dermatology (Chinese). I also enjoy a challenge.
When Not On, I am... running my clinic.

Organizations: Complementary Medical Association


Trained for my Lic.Ac. at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in 1993, in 2006 completed a Bachelors Degree in Acupuncture studies. Gave a talk to the British Dental Acupuncture Society on stopping smoking using Acupuncture. Originally I was a Radio Officer in the Merchant navy then became a Marine Electronics Engineer but was made redundant several times and ended up being an Engineer in an Amusement Arcade. Have used this employment to keep my practice afloat for the last twelve years. I really love getting my Patients better but the area I live in is very poor for Complementary Therapists. One day I would like to be paid by our National Health Service to treat patients but I see this as a long way off as our health service is on its knees!