Tănase Oana

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I Speak Romanian
Female , born on 6/10/1980

Favorite Book: Osho
Favorite Herb: Roses
Element: Earth
Activities: o swimming o belly-dancing o skating o traveling o helping people o classic music o gardening
Interests: I would like to improve myself in acupuncture. I would like to work in a foreign country



I'am masseuse. Types of massage requested to me and where I have perfected are: general or partial massage for relaxation or stimulation, anticellulite massage , facial massage , reflexology , acupressure to relieve a headache, stiff neck, cellulite , back pain , shoulder pain , hip pain , eye pain , indigestion, sunburn , muscle pain, obesity , breasts pain, etc.

In all types of massage that I am performing they activates the necessary biosystem refreshing energy of that body. Hence, I am bioenergotherapist too - as gathered from my total dedication in what I do , for the highest good of the spirit’s body that seek massage or therapy . The physical body is the vehicle by which we move and live our life intensely. If we take care of our body properly, it will show us how wonderful life is with all that is in it Now,