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Female , born on 2/5/1979
Los Angeles , California   United States

Favorite Herb: chamomile
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Sheep
Activities: Volleyball
Interests: Working in the garden, foreign languages
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... working at IT company, as HR

Organizations: California Acupuncture Medical Association, California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA), Florida State Oriental Medicine Association


Personal Development for Nurses

Personal development for nurses is dedicated to all nurses who wish to have a happy and fulfilling life! Is this you? Then read on....... As nurses we are all familiar with continuing professional development. We undertake courses, keep up to date with practice and learn new skills. We constantly strive to help and support others. However, how many of us consider our own personal development?

What is the difference I hear you ask? Well, professional development helps to keep us current and safe in our nursing practice. It helps us to progress in our chosen career.

Personal development not only helps your career, it can also help you in all areas of your life! Think of it as a kind of tool kit for life. If you need have problems with cv writing, cv editor online can help you with proofreading.

Consider these: Would you like to learn how to manage your time more effectively, at home and at work Be able to set and achieve goals in all aspects of your life Reduce stress? Increase your self confidence? Become more self aware? Or perhaps: You currently lack motivation in one or more aspects of your life? Maybe, you are fed up with nursing and looking for a change? Unhappy with your current work/life balance? Through personal development you can address all of these issues and so much more.

Personal development for nurses will help you look after yourself!

Like anything worth having in life, it is not always an easy road. Personal growth takes time, effort and action. However, the rewards can be truly amazing.

Are you ready to find out more and take control of your life?