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Male , born on 7/14/1988
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Favorite Book: The Witcher, LOTR
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Organizations: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts


'''Resume Maker''' Resume maker software can help a job seeker save time and energy. The seeker needs to understand both what the software can do and what the limitation of such software are. As with a word processor, it can check your spelling and look for common mistakes that a user makes. It cannot, however, correct errors that only a human can pick up. Software programs are tools that people use to help them achieve a desired result. The software does not do the work for them. People, including writers, often become reliant on the features of their software programs. A job seeker, who is trying to make a good impression, wants to avoid this.

'''Resume Maker''' Users can download simple maker/ editor resume software from the Internet. He can even find prebuilt templates for Word and Open Office with a simple search. The templates can help a person set up his resume, but there are still a number of things the seeker after a job needs to do before he can send out his resume to an employer. The most obvious step is that he needs to decide what type of resume he wants to use. A person just out of school may not want to focus on a lack of experience. A person who holds multiple jobs at the same time may only want to include the jobs he holds that are relevant to the position he is applying for. All of these things go into making an effective resume.

After the resume maker software comes up with something that looks passable, the job seeker may want to print out his work on a plain piece of paper. He should read the document over carefully. Reading it aloud works best to catch any obvious errors. If the reader has ever sent out a resume, he knows why plain paper is specified. After the proofreading is done, the next step is printing out the resume on high quality paper.

If the seeker does not have high quality paper, it should be 24 bond and p