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I Speak English, Spanish, Portuguese
Female , born on 4/15/1993
Fallon , Nevada   United States

Favorite Herb: Camomile
Element: Earth
Activities: Gardening, greenpeace volunteer
Interests: Music
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... writer

Organizations: Association of Irish Acupuncturists, Schweizerische Arztegesellschaft fur Akupunktur


Writing A Winning Application Essay

One of the secrets of an essay that could grab the attention of the admissions committee is that it is engaging. An engaging essay is something that can tickle the minds of the readers and leave a lasting impression. But how can you effectively write an engaging application essay? Family Education gives tips on how to write your essay in a way that would hook the readers.

Follow the rules Some schools assign the topics for the essay. The pages are also pre-determined. This is why before you start write my dissertation, you need to know if there are rules and special instructions in writing the essay.

Follow directions and stay on task. Do what the college asks you to do. Most colleges prepare topics for you to address or questions for you to answer. If the college asks for 700 words and you write 1,000 or more, the extra words could work to your disadvantage.

How you follow instruction is one of the things that the admissions panel notice. This is why as much as possible, stick to the rules. You also have to be prepared to handle the various possible topics the committee will provide.

Some essay questions are fairly conventional. They’ll ask you to write about the most memorable character you ever met. Others are bolder and request you describe an event that had a life-altering effect on you. Some are totally unconventional and ask you to write page 175 of your 200 page autobiography– or something equally bizarre.

The most important thing you have to remember is to be yourself all the time. Write as honestly as you can and let the admissions panel judge you.

Be original in your application essay When writing your personal statement, bear in mind that you are writing to distinguish yourself from all other applicants. Write about your special talents, skills, and traits. Originality is a valuable