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I Speak English
Male , born on 1/1/1990
Bhubaneshwar , Odisha   India
Website: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm4CjVMyiGqeegKPSkp_LAA

Element: Water
Zodiac: Dragon
Activities: Blogging, Writing, Travelling,
Interests: Blogging, Writing, Travelling, Exploring New Places, Meeting New People

Organizations: Association Europe Acupuncture


Hey guys, My name is Akshay. I am a traveler, who enjoys going out irrespective of time. You can find me writing, blogging, playing football. I can be found with a bunch of friends who are curious travelers. I enjoy spending hours of travelings to reach beautiful destinations. I love discovering and exploring new places, things, and this beautiful outer world. Life is short, travel as much as you can!