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Jahan Kalantar is one of the lawyers who are at the frontline of fighting injustice in Australia and one of the best motivational speakers in Sydney. He talks to leaders and staff about achieving their full potential and provides expertise to businesses and individuals looking for advice from a proven market leader. He represents the poor, people suffering from mental illnesses and anyone who has ever been subjected to oppression and discrimination. He had a successful career in finance, but he wanted to do more for the community. His strong sense of justice and his dedication to fighting for human rights has inspired him to take up law.

Moreover, having earned the title of one of Australia’s top motivational speakers in Sydney, Jahan Kalantar believes that anyone can make a difference in the world. He believes in people so he wants to inspire and educate as many people as he can. Being a TED Talks speaker has helped him reach more people than he already has. Due to his strong sense of justice and his goal of creating a fair world, he has chosen to become the voice of those who cannot speak or cannot be heard.