I Speak English
Female , born on Sep 24th
Los Angeles , Ca   United States

Favorite Book: Nancy Drew :)
Favorite Herb: Ji Xue Teng
Element: Wood
Zodiac: Pig
Activities: family, cooking, research, laughing
Interests: the mind, optimal nutrition, unplugging from the matrix, longevity, transcendence
When Not On, I am... eating chocolate



Hail from the Great White North... had a stereotypical Canadian childhood... spent my life at the ice rink before and after school each day figure skating... entertainment was watching dad, brothers and uncles play hockey on the weekends... blissful actually... but after reading all those Nancy Drew books I high-tailed out of there looking for adventure... entered the Commerce program at University of Toronto... not so interesting... first job after graduating was selling Jaguars... much more interesting! ...and it was yang yang yang until i finally left Canada. Worked for various sports teams; Toronto Raptors, Argonauts, Blue Jays, Los Angeles Lakers... i guess that means i brought my yang to LA as well... but i am finally at YoSan and looking for balance and ready to give back... what an awesome place to discover ones purpose... if that is possible... love love love YoSan... post pre-clinical life is good