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I Speak English, Spanish
Male , born on Nov 29th
Wichita , Kansas   United States
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Favorite Book: Grandfather by Tom Brown
Favorite Herb: Ai Ye
Element: Wood
Zodiac: Rabbit
Activities: qi qong, dancing, racketball
Interests: music, martial arts, energetics, computers, acupuncture, herbs
When Not On, I am... teaching, working out, playing music, maintaining a practice



I love to read, write, sing, play, and work. I am always learning. My favorites include healing arts, music, and education. I created Inner Works in February of 2005 to create holistic, educational, and musical works which serve to feed the inner spirit.

In 1976 the art of tai chi chuan taught me to walk up a hill and be as rested at the top of the hill as I was on the bottom. It opened up new vistas in life and taught me many principles of good health. This art addressed the root of health. It is my life long quest to find practical solutions to health problems. I continue to acquire and refine skills in a Holistic Health practice.

In 1977 I read my first Montessori book written by Maria Montessori's son Mario. It opened my eyes to an understanding of the component nature of learning. Breaking down the pieces in such a way that they can be discovered reflects Maria Montessori's philosophy. The child's "absorbent mind" was captured by a specific educational method. The discovery process was captivating. Education can be a discovery process. It is the joy of discovery that helps the student take home a lesson that will be remembered. I continue to teach various subjects at UCSD Extension.

My mother and father taught me to play musical instruments. I grew up around a family that loved music. Musical works have the ability to create a meditative atmosphere which ennobles the spirit. Songs can capture the universal themes that echo across all cultures and all peoples. I am working to share some of the wonderful music in my life.