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Added ''Post'' '''Locating accupuntcture points''' to forum "About" on ''8/7/2013''
"A few days ago-after more than 20 years of martial arts pracrice-i succeeded in locating/feeling my qi gathering at a certain spot . I had done a new meditation beforehand and so i went to my wall chart and found the spot on it! I continued doing this and now i am collecting the points. Yesterday it was two points....a great moment for me because i always had thought of this as a very rare event. I never thought i could reach a level like this. I practice iron shirt qigong and its varieties. I was working out with the longpole and my qi gathered at Gall Bladder 25 that evening when i sat down to meditate. I had my doubts about the existence of accupuncture points. Now i understand more and i can tell you they are like a starmap. The human body is the result of an ongoing energetic communication so to speak. I will pursue my exercise and i am really curious of the practical implications in terms of self defence, psychic powers and so forth..."
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