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Added ''Post'' '''The website...''' to forum "About" on ''10/1/2007''
"I think I have to agree with Justin's above post, and say that this site is mostly geared towards students. With that said, I think there should be a "case studies" category, that works per symptom, so that folks can ask about and present successful ways of working on patients in their own practice. I think that from what I've briefly observed, it seems like the formulas listed by sx, are almost all traditional formulas ( that we learned in school). I think that what would be helpful, is to see how people may modify or make a new formulas (listed by sx as well) clinically for one of their own patients. Same thing with points. More than just knowing about what a point classically does, it would be useful to show and discuss different strategies in dealing with various disorders. I think a great model for a forum/website that is immeasurably useful to me, is the Richard Tan forum. I Hope this is useful, and please don't get me wrong, I think this is a wonderful site and..."
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