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Added ''Post'' '''Heel pain, etc...''' to forum "Case Studies" on ''10/2/2007''
"So I guess I am starting this forum, and I mentioned the Richard Tan website forum, which I am a big fan of. It is usually used as an advice type forum where people write in with cases they are working on. Of course in that forum they are mostly talking about balance method acupuncture, along with some Master Tung(Tong) and wrist/ankle. I had a patient yesterday for example who complained of right heel/calf pain ( around foot Taiyang/UB on the calf and heel around UB60 ). She was having a hard time walking up the stairs to my office. With Richard Tans style of acupuncture, you don't take a pulse unless you need more info ( like for internal medicine complaints). We mainly just palpate corresponding meridians and points for tenderness. I chose to use some Balance Method (BM) and Master tong points:

On the left hand - Mu Guan and Gu Guan ( 2 points on the palm for heel pain) Du 20 ( good for any foot pain) SI4 ashi Si7 Lu6

On the right foot- Ki3 Ki9.5 (ashi..."

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