Modification to dìng chuǎn tāng

Ding Chuan Tang
(Arrest Wheezing Decoction)

''Modification:'' For thick, yellow sputum that is difficult to expectorate - refer to:
Author: Dan Bensky and Randall Barolet
, p301

    Herb Common Name   Qty.  
麻黃 Ma Huang ephedra stem 9 grams
黃苓 Huang Qin baical skullcap root, scutellaria, scute 4.5 grams
半夏 Ban Xia pinellia rhizome, pinellia tuber 9 grams
杏仁 Xing Ren apricot seed or kernel 4.5 grams
款冬花 Kuan Dong Hua coltsfoot, tussilago flower 9 grams
紫蘇子 Zi Su Zi purple perilla fruit, perilla seed 6 grams
桑白皮 Sang Bai Pi mulberry root bark, morus bark 9 grams
甘草 Gan Cao licorice root 3 grams
白果 Bai Guo ginko nut 9 grams
added 瓜蔞皮 Gua Lou Pi trichosanthes peel
added 前胡 Qian Hu peucedanum root, hogfennel root
added 膽南星 Dan Nan Xing