Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang
膈下逐瘀湯 (膈下逐瘀汤) gé xià zhú yū tāng, "Drive Out Blood Stasis Below the Diaphragm Decoction"

Translated Name: Drive Out Blood Stasis Below the Diaphragm Decoction
Invigorate the Blood and Dispel Blood Stasis

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Pinyin Pronunciation:
Components (12):
 HerbCommon NameQuantityUnit
牡丹皮 Mu Dan Pi moutan root bark, tree peony root bark 6 grams
枳殼 Zhi Ke bitter orange 4.5 grams
香附 Xiang Fu cyperus, nut-grass rhizome 4.5 grams
烏藥 Wu Yao lindera root 6 - 12 grams
川芎 Chuan Xiong Sichuan lovage root, cnidium, chuanxiong root 6 grams
延胡索 Yan Hu Suo corydalis rhizome 3 grams
赤芍 Chi Shao red peony root 6 grams
桃仁 Tao Ren peach kernel, persica 9 grams
紅花 Hong Hua safflower flower, carthamus 9 grams
五靈脂 Wu Ling Zhi flying squirrel feces, pteropus 9 grams
甘草 Gan Cao licorice root 9 grams
當歸 Dang Gui tangkuei, Chinese angelica root 9 grams
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