Su He Xiang Wan
蘇合香丸 sū hé xiāng wán, "Liquid Styrax Pill"

Translated Name: Liquid Styrax Pill
Warm and Open the Orifices

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Pinyin Pronunciation:
Components (15):
 HerbCommon NameQuantityUnit
麝香 She Xiang naval secretions of musk deer; musk 60 grams
蘇合香 Su He Xiang resin of rose maloes; styrax 30 grams
安息香 An Xi Xiang Benzoin, Gum benzoin, Siam Benzoin, Sumatra Benzoin, Gum Benjamin 60 grams
冰片 Bing Pian borneol 30 grams
香附 Xiang Fu cyperus, nut-grass rhizome 60 grams
木香 Mu Xiang costus root, saussurea, auklandia 60 grams
沉香 Chen Xiang aloeswood, aquilaria wood, Chinese Eaglewood Wood 60 grams
檀香 Tan Xiang sandalwood, santalum 60 grams
乳香 Ru Xiang frankincense, gum olibanum, mastic 30 grams
丁香 Ding Xiang clove 60 grams
蓽菝 Bi Ba long pepper fruit 60 grams
白术 Bai Zhu (white) atratylodes rhizome, ovate atractylodes, angelica root 60 grams
訶子 He Zi myrobalan fruit, terminalia, chebgium 60 grams
朱砂 Zhu Sha Cinnabar 60 grams
犀角 Xi Jiao rhinoceros horn 60 grams
Pale tongue with slippery, greasy coating.

Depth: Deep (Submerged, Sinking, Deep)
Qualities: Rolling (Slippery)
To avoid mercury poisoning, Cinabarris (Zhu Sha) should not be taken in large amounts or long term, nor should it be heated.
  • avoid use during Pregnancy
Reference Source
Reference Source:
Imperial Grace Formulary of the Tai Ping Era  Browse


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'''Remove Herb Xi Jiao''' '''Remove Herb Zhu Sha''' '''Remove Herb She Xiang''' '''Add Herb Chan Su''': For angina pectoris due to Qi stagnation, blood stasis, or the congealing of cold ~ you can just reduce dosage of Xi Jiao, She Xiang and Zhu Sha rather than omit them, also increase the dosage of Bi Ba - refer to:
Author: Dan Bensky and Randall Barolet
, p423 details...
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