Barbara Fougere

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I Speak English

Favorite Herb: Ren Shen
Element: Metal
Zodiac: Dragon
Activities: Teaching, writing, practitioner TCM, herbal medicine for cats and dogs
Interests: Travel, food, art & design, orchids, old veterinary text books, learning new things.
When Not On, I am... everywhere else

Organizations: International Veterinary Acupuncture Society


I am a veterinarian based in Sydney Australia in the largest integrative veterinary practice in Australia, with three exceptional colleagues and a great support team. We love our work using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Western herbalism, and whatever else is appropriate for our patients. In addition I am passionate about integrating TCM into veterinary practice as it is sucha valuable tool for our patients with chronic disease. I am heavily involved in teaching TCM and Western herbal medicine. I am asking all our students on the IVAS Veterinary Chinese herbal medicine course to utilise the great information on this site as a learning tool, so you will probably see more vets on here soon. I look forward to learning more too.