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Hi, I am a licensed acupuncturist and would love to network with other practitioners here.

Since this past summer I have jumped into the area of "medical acupuncture" because it has been bothering me.

It upsets me that other practitioners can practice and call themselves acupuncturists with barely 300 hours of "training".

So I started this website Medical Acupuncture to support and protect the value of the L.Ac. and inform the public of the minimal hours and training that "medical" acupuncturists have. And then I divert them to L.Ac.s for treatment! :)

Since I started this last year I have been getting lots of support from fellow L.Ac.'s but could use more help such as link to the site from your website etc.

If you would like to help get this message out let me know!

I also own the TCM Directory, an Acupuncture resource website.

Want a free acupuncture website? I make websites for practitioners for free and only charge a nominal yearly hosting fee.

Say hi!