I Speak English, Spanish
Female , born on Sep 14th
Los Angeles , California   United States

Favorite Herb: San Qi
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Ox
Activities: hiking, camping, scrambling, dancing, painting, writing, teaching
Interests: nature, medicine, nurturing life on Earth, art, travel, music, poetry in the flow of things
When Not On, I am... teaching, on facebook, writing emails, creating new playlists, living and loving the light

Organizations: American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)


In the beginning, I felt destined to become an artist. By the time I received my art degree, I had already fallen in LOVE with teaching. I took the first challenging position I could find in downtown Long Beach. But the 14 hour days and challenges of being in "the hood" began to wear me down. To manage the stress-related migrains and stomach issues, I sought alternative medicine. Acupuncture yielded such amazing results that I began to read up on how it works. This led me to the discovery of Chinese Medicine.