I Speak English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Male , born on 2/27/1976
Los Angeles , Ca   United States
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Favorite Book: Cat's Cradle
Favorite Herb: Wu Wei Zi
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Dragon
Activities: hiking, camping, martial arts, painting, drawing, photography, film making, design, recycling, collecting herbs
Interests: reading, modern art, information architecture, web design, architecture, web 2.0, herbalism, world travel, geospatial mapping, writing, film criticism.
When Not On, I am... designing the Next version of!

Organizations: California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA), American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)


'''Founder, President of Rootdown, LLC''' In 2001, as student at Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Los Angeles, I observed that TCM students have a tremendous amount of information to find and learn, and no simple means to of doing so. Researching information on any herb, formula or acupuncture point involves a tedious process of navigating complex indexes in large reference volumes.

I also discovered that TCM students are frequently ill-prepared for taking board examinations. Students have little or no opportunity to practice the style of standardized test required. While some resources or classes have recently been developed to do this, it is prohibitively expensive and thus inaccessible for most students. Do these 'solutions' really offer improvments and progress?

It is not only the students who are affected by the lack of accessible resources and testing practice. Teachers have nowhere to direct their students for further exploration of the material taught. With limited opportunity to review what they have been taught, the students’ examination performance is compromised. Furthermore, without effective and dynamic visual aids, teachers have a limited ability to convey complex anatomical structures and acupuncture meridians, making three-dimensional visualization almost impossible. There has to be a better way… particularly for this technically sophisticated generation. I hope that this website is the path to that and I hope that you can contribute to it as well.