Yue-Ying Li

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I Speak English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Female , born on Mar 24th
Los Angeles , Ca   United States

Element: Earth
Zodiac: Pig
Activities: hiking, biking, skiing, sports, walking
Interests: reading, cooking
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... doing what I should do

Organizations: California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA), American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)

I Teach At
Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Diagnosis, Point Location, Techniques, Shang Han Wen Bing, Internal Medicine, Dermatology

Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine



Dr. Yue-ying Li comes from a long line of Chinese Medical Doctors. Her medical studies unofficially began as an active youth curiously tending to her own athletic injuries. This curiosity of medicine led her to study at the Luzhou University Medical School where she earned her Doctor of Chinese Medicine Degree.

After graduating from medical school, she spent a year in the hospital’s emergency room where she integrated modern, biomedical medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As a TCM Internal Medicine Specialist and attending physician, Dr. Li treated a variety of illness. She also taught medical school courses and conducted extensive research in cardiovascular disease and in dermatological disorders. She went on to further her medical education in internal medicine, acupuncture and dermatology at Luzhou, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sichuan Institute of Dermatology. She continued to hone her skills by studying under two of China’s leading dermatologists. She then left China to practice for nearly two years in a dermatology clinic in London, England. Dr. Li continues to successfully treat a variety of skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, wart, herpes and alopecia) by using traditional herbs and acupuncture. Through acupuncture, she also facilitates non-invasive face-lifts for facial rejuvenation. She also treats skin discoloration and provides consultation for overall skin care. Furthermore, Dr. Li continues to treat pain management, internal disease, cancer management, infertility and digestive disorders and .

In addition to maintaining her clinical practice, Dr. Li is currently a clinic supervisor and faculty member of Yo San University of TCM, Los Angeles, CA. At Yo San University, she teaches a variety of graduate level courses such as Acupuncture Location, Acupuncture Techniques, Diagnosis, and Internal Medicine. She also has her own line of herbal skin creams available in the clini