I Speak English
Male , born on 2/1/1977
Portland , Oregon   United States
Blog site:

Favorite Book: Shang Han Lun
Favorite Herb: Gui Zhi
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Dragon
Activities: student government, promotion of natural medicine, translation of ancient texts, investigation of Chinese cosmology, qigong, taiji, gardening, nature study, writing, blogging, parenting, biking, music appreciation
Interests: chinese herbs, formula science, nutrition, chinese dietetics, lifestyle counseling, mental health, externally contracted disease
When Not On, I am... studying at NCNM (Portland, OR) and blogging at

Organizations: Oregon Acupuncture, AAAOM


I am a 4th year student of Classical Chinese medicine (CCM) at National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, OR. There I study with a variety of amazing professors including Dr. Arnaud Versluys, Heiner Fruehauf and Youping Qin. I am involved in student government and the promotion of Chinese medicine on a variety of levels. I write for the local student paper, The Phoenix, which is released every term. I am a father to a 10 year old whippersnapper and partner to a wonderful massage therapist - Amanda Barp - who practices in the Portland metro area. On top of all that, I maintain a new blog for the exploration of CCM at

I'm happy to be here.