I Speak English, Chinese (Cantonese)
Female , born on 11/15/1984
Hong Kong , China

Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite Herb: China Toon
Element: Water
Zodiac: Rat
Activities: writing, traveling, making fds, working out the hidden connections between different things
Interests: herbs, tea, stones, music, books, martial arts (theories only), religions, what that can heal...
When Not On, I am... breathing


School of Chinese Medicine, Baptist University, Hong Kong
Degree: Chinese Medicine Tea studies
Presently Attending


I'm fond of telling stories. And here is one I'd love to share with all those who study Chinese Medicine:

A thief tried to steal the robe from a Zen Master who was gazing at the moon. Before he could, the Zen Master put off his robe and gave it to the thief. He said calmly, 'Take this.' And then with a finger, he pointed at the moon he was watching. 'But you can't have my moon.'

May you find your moon :)