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Favorite Herb: Shan Zha
Activities: Currently reading..."The Acupuncture Response," practicing my Chi Running posture, and playing with sundry food items in the kitchen under the guise of "cooking!"


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Santa Monica,  United States

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Delia Copold, R.N., M.A. Founder of

The inspiration to create a professional and comprehensive audio recording of the TCM acupoints and their therapeutic indications came to me while attending one of Dr. David Twicken’s OM acupuncture classes in late 2005. I have been a student of Oriental medicine and acupuncture in the Masters degree program at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA since 2004, and I absolutely love studying OM and acupuncture. My intention in developing the AcutherapeuticA CD box set and founding was to create a effective study tool for acupuncture therapeutics that facilitates lasting retention of this vast volume of acupoint information, while doing so in a manner that gracefully supports the eye function, heart blood, and spleen qi of TCM and OM students and practitioners everywhere. Obviously...myself included. :)

Currently, I work as a registered nurse caring for cardiology patients in an acute care setting in the Los Angeles area. In 2006-2007, I took a temporary leave-of-absence from my studies at Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine to complete my BSN at the University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center - School of Nursing in a one-year accelerated 2nd Bachelor's degree program. During my intensive nurse training at University of Texas, I had the amazing opportunity to perform clinical rotations at MD Anderson Cancer Research Hospital (Pediatrics), Methodist Hospital (Neurosurgery & CardioThoracic-ICU), Hermann-Memorial (Labor & Delivery), and the Menniger Institute (Acute Psychiatry). Previously, I completed a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2004. Integrative Medicine is a movement close to my heart, and I welcome any discussions/friends with a similar interest in supporting, developing and promoting this important collaborative area of health care.