I Speak English, Spanish
Male , born on Sep 4th
Santa Monica , Ca   United States
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Favorite Herb: bai shao
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Dog
Activities: bike riding
Interests: riding bikes
When Not On, I am... elsewhere?

Organizations: California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA)


I dig herbs. Well, no, not actually dig them, but find much enjoyment in their use medicinally.

I think that TCM herbalism uses the same part of the brain that is used in cooking. I used to cook professionally, but never much cared for it. Herbal blends however are really fun.

Diagnosis is like a detective novel meets philosophy or something like that. Really enjoy this kind of work. Nice to see people get better too.

I should add also that Point Injection therapy is of some interest to me too. There more at .