Taraz Martinez

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Member since May 2009
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I Speak Spanish
Female , born on 4/23/2009
Denver , Colorado   United States

Favorite Herb: don't have one yet
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Ox
Activities: I think I am earth. I spend free time doing home visits , having people over to my house for dinner, music and sharing. My goal is to be of service to humanity through the healing arts I do and to serve others with devotions and home visits geared towards making the world a better place.
Interests: Bahai, , Chinese acupuncture and herbs, Qigong, Music , Fine Art , Movies , Theatre, Yoga
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... studying or in classes or spending time with family or doing devotions with friends and family



I am a Bahai who loves acupuncture and everything holistic.