Kayla Partridge

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I Speak English
La, Near San Fernando, Work In Burbank , California   United States
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Favorite Herb: Wu wei zi
Zodiac: Rabbit
Activities: B4 TCMs, I used to ride, dance and fence [epe'] and SCA
Interests: medicine [both WM and TCM], animals wild and domestic especially dogs, horses and pet pigs, reading, study....too many books, Tv, friends, antique auctions, Navajo indian jewelry, horse and dog training, wild life rehab,
When Not On Rootdown.us, I am... I'm dancing

Organizations: American Organization for the Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA), California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA), American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM), Equine Sports Medicine, amta....

Samra University of Oriental Medicine
Degree: MSOM
Attended: 2004 to 2009


I found my bliss as a massage therapy specialist, for sport horses and the people around them. But, you never know too much, so after working the Pan Am games in '03, I ended up in school, again. I plan to focus on human acupuncture, and return to my love of horse acupressure.

Soon, [after boards tomorrow!] I want to study more with "Anatomy in Clay" wonderful and beautiful anatomy models. Then my career wil go from mad dogs [vet. tech.] to microbes [microbiologist] to massage therapist [3rd level of advanced training] to acupuncture, to Manikins [see anatomyinclay.com, and tell them i sent you]. Next5 is PRRT pain reflex relief therapy......