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Narcolepsy- Early Symptoms That You Must Know About Some of the health conditions and major illnesses, at times, share some similar signs and symptoms, which makes it difficult to distinguish between the two. Therefore, there is also confusion over the diagnosis of the disease, and we tend to neglect the actual bone of contention. However, the issue, on the other hand, starts to get grave, and it worsens too day by day. Thus, it is important for us to know the symptoms of the disease for addressing it properly. The sleep disorder of narcolepsy also shows many types of symptoms via which you can identify the problem. But some of its symptoms appear like daily or extreme exhaustion, which makes it difficult to identify the main culprit. But there are some telltale signs that will portray the issue of narcolepsy.

Excessive daytime sleepiness It is the first and foremost symptom that will loudly tell you about the issue of narcolepsy. People who are narcoleptic have an uncontrolled urge of sleeping during the daytime, and they can sleep anywhere and anytime. They suffer from sleep attacks that can happen at any moment during the day. You can feel sluggish or drowsy for the entire day, even though you have slept throughout the night. It impairs your alertness and attentiveness, which can hamper your work schedule. It is one of the most annoying problems that you have to encounter because of narcolepsy.

Hallucination Another key symptom that many patients of narcolepsy experience are vivid hallucination at the onset of sleep. These are typically hypnagogic hallucinations that make the person see visions of someone else’s presence in the room. They can be quite real and can trigger panic and fear in the person. Some of the other common visions that may include such as caught in a fire, flying through the air, or falling from a height. These all are visual images, but they can also involve your other