Anna Carling

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I Speak English, Finnish
Female , born on Feb 14th
Toronto , Canada
Blog site:

Favorite Herb: ginseng
Element: Metal
Zodiac: Horse
Activities: swimming, walking, sewing, reading
Interests: Spirit and how it relates to everything in life.
When Not On, I am... building my educationl/business website


The Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
Degree: Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine
Attended: 1986 to 1989


In health care for nearly five decades, I am passionate about Creative Health Alternatives in general and the unifying aspects of Chinese Medicine in particular. Now retired from my TCM practice of eighteen years, I am devoting my time writing about the wisdom found in the ancient annals of medicine and how that wisdom relates to more esoteric books such as 'Tao Te Ching' and 'Secret of the Golden Flower'.

I am delighted to be part of, perhaps I can contribute in some way. Thank you for developing the acupuncture point map. I understand that it is part of Google maps and I can send my readers there to check the locations I prescribe. Is that so?

With best wishes, Anna Carling