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Madrid , Spain




Hello! My name is Johamys Altamirano, entrepreneur and partner in various businesses, a lover of nature and animals, but more than those that can be domesticated. Having one or more pets at home carries with it responsibility since it is a living being that Con is a member of the family that also feels and has needs like anyone else; that is why it is very important to know all the things related to the type of pet you have, whether they are dogs, cats or birds, among others. In addition, there are different breeds with different care and attention, and if you have a pet and you ignore specific things about it, it can result in a bad care and a not very pleasant life for the little animal. On the Internet there are many resources, blogs and websites where you can find extensive information about the care, curiosities and particulars of the best known pets so that their domestic life is an enjoyment for both those spoiled by the house and for the owners and those responsible for their welfare.