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Male , born on 7/11/1988
Madrid , Spain

Zodiac: Dog



Greetings my name is Carlos and I have years of experience working as a gardener and although I have a lot of experience I never stop learning because changes arise that nature itself creates, I have a lot of knowledge and I want to share it with you for example: in a garden (open or closed) you can grow flowers, vegetables and greens (what would be a garden) and in the case of spaces with a considerable size, you can also grow trees.

Gardening is divided into horticulture, which is the cultivation of vegetables; arboriculture, which is the cultivation of fruit trees; floriculture, which refers to the cultivation of flowers and the care of nurseries, where trees and small shrubs are grown. Of course, within a garden, these actions can be carried out on a small scale, since horticulture, for example, is also a primary action that forms part of large-scale economic circuits, with gigantic productions of raw materials, destined for the internal market and for export to international markets.

Gardening, on the other hand, is a small-scale activity, in which work in general is always manual and electronic tools are rarely used, but rather manual and mechanical ones: wheelbarrows, shovels, small watering cans, rakes, among others. In addition, it is common that in gardening tasks the care of vegetables is much more intensive, putting the focus on each one of them and many times making compounds at home that help fight insect or parasite plagues that affect vegetables.