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Female , born on Jun 15th
Madrid   Spain




Hello, my name is Maria, I am an agricultural engineer working in a company dedicated to creating products and supplies for fields that have to do with land maintenance and green areas. Agricultural engineers try to solve problems related to agriculture, such as energy supply, machine efficiency, use of structures and facilities, pollution and environmental problems, and storage and processing of agricultural products.

Agronomists work in the field of agriculture, including aquaculture (shellfish farming), forestry and food processing. They work on a wide range of projects. For example, some engineers work on developing air conditioning systems to improve the comfort and productivity of livestock, while others work on improving storage capacity and refrigeration efficiency. Many engineers are trying to develop better solutions for the treatment of animal waste. Those with computer programming skills are working to integrate artificial intelligence and geospatial systems into agriculture. For example, they are working to improve the efficiency of fertilizer application and automate harvesting systems.