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Female , born on 6/2/1991
Madrid, Spain , Madrid   Spain

Zodiac: Tiger



Hi, I'm Vanessa, I work as an electrical engineer Although electricity is abstract or "invisible" in most of its manifestations, such as in the human nervous system, it is possible to "see" it sometimes, like lightning when a strong storm develops. Primary energies are those obtained directly from nature: solar, hydraulic, wind, geothermal, biomass, oil, natural gas or coal. Secondary energies come from the transformation of primary energy for direct consumption, or other uses: gasoline, electricity, diesel. Electricity is a phenomenon intimately linked to matter and life. Everything we see around us - and also what we do not see - is integrated fear electrons, particles that spin back to atomic nuclei. The movement of electric charges through a conductive medium is known as electric current and originates in the contact between two elements between which there is a difference in potential. The continuous electric current is that which flows from one point to another always in the same direction. The current of a battery is of the continuous type. The alternating current is that which flows from one point to another, changing direction periodically. Large-scale commercial electricity comes from generators that produce alternating current.