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Hello, my name is Federico, I am an electrical engineer specialised in renewable energy and I am currently working in an energy management and auditing company. Electrical engineering is also responsible for the design, construction and application, but adds the conversion and transport of electricity itself. This is quite a broad and useful field for human life. One of the main contributions that electrical engineering makes to society is innovation, i.e. the integration of new technologies capable of improving current industrial processes in order to produce clean energy and for the benefit of the environment. he production of clean energy is considered to have a promising future. As it becomes increasingly difficult to access oil reserves (and increasingly expensive to make them productive), sustainable energies such as wind, photovoltaic or geothermal energy are positioning themselves as a profitable option for any company. This is all the more true for those who turn to a label for socially responsible companies. Electrical engineers who master the design, construction, operation and maintenance of these increasingly common systems, also to reduce costs, will be at the forefront of this discipline. It is also worth mentioning that this engineering has a multidisciplinary approach, within which it is possible to expand its importance through projects with a high impact for the benefit of society (and with large funding opportunities). An electrical engineer is not only responsible for electrical installations, but also remains one of the main pillars for the operation of any other technology. As you can see, this is a field of work of great extension, because it goes hand in hand with the technological growth and progress of the world together with humanity (and its history).