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Added ''Post'' '''Contribute to the World's Loocal Knowledge Bank''' to forum "Professionals Sharing their Services" on ''4/19/2008''
" CopperWiki is a collaborative platform to share information, create awareness and offer choices for leading a balanced and sustainable life. It will focus on local practices, green and organic living, traditional knowledge, scientific research, and global issues at regional level. The idea is to familiarize individuals with the lifecycle of their actions, the cost and impact of each decision, and the choices available to them.

More and more of us are seeing clean air, open space, and good water as our birth right. Fortunately, it doesn’t require herculean efforts if all of us chip in with even slight changes in our day-to-day lives.

Come to the Copperwiki platform

How do we lead our lives that are sustainable? How do we reduce our impact on the environment?

Here’s an open collaboration platform for people seeking choices for living a responsible life.

Anyone can come in and write, edit and be heard by those seeking to..."

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