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Added ''Post'' '''Yo San University Launches DAOM Doctorate Program in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility''' to forum "News & Advocacy Alerts" on ''7/15/2009''

Unlike Ph.D. programs, the DAOM is a Clinical Doctorate - much like a Residency Program in western medical school, with an emphasis on leadership, integrative collaboration, research, and advanced studies and clinical rounds in the area of specialty. Candidates in this program will be involved immediately in Research related to REI and TCM, and they will be prepared to sit for and pass the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) Examination for Board Certification by the end of their first year in the DAOM program. Candidates will also have the opportunity to do Mentorship/Rotations in the offices of Reproductive Endocrinologists, and/or study in China with TCM Infertility Specialists as part of their clinical training.

This will be an in-depth immersion in Reproductive Medicine & Infertility from both a TCM and Western perspective and there is already a tremendous amount of interest in the program. Because Yo San has already interest from over 100..."

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