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  Steve B
Added ''Post'' '''This formula works but hypes me''' to forum "Patients Seeking Answers" on ''10/14/2013''
"Hello All

I have suffered from Chlamydia Pneumoniae a bacterial infection for several decades and came upon a TCM formula about a year ago on another website which worked well for the poster.

I went to China town about a year ago and bought the herbs and prepared them

The formula seemed to work but it really hyped me I could not sleep

I am wondeing if someone can tell me what I can do to adjust this formula so it will not be so stimulationg


Here is the formula

Hou Po ( magnolia officinalis) 8g

Yu Xing Cao ( Houttuynia Cordata) 20g

Di Fu Zi ( Kochia Scoparia) 10g

Huang Bai ( Phellodendron Amourense) 10g

Fang Feng (Saposhnikovia divaricata ) 10g

Da Huang (Rheum Palmatum) 10g

Lian Qiao ( Forsythia Suspensa) 10g