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Location中文Pin Yin NamePoint Name
Gall Bladder 39 懸鍾Xuan ZhongInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of Marrow
Lung 9 太淵Tai YuanInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of the Vessels
Urinary Bladder 11 大杼Da ZhuInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of Bone
Urinary Bladder 17 膈俞Ge ShuInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of Blood
Liver 13 章門Zhang MenInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of the Zang Organs
Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) 17 膻中Dan ZhongInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of Qi
Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) 12 中脘Zhong WanInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of Fu Organs
Gall Bladder 34 陽陵泉Yang Ling QuanInfluential (Hui-Meeting) Point of the Sinews

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