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Location中文Pin Yin NamePoint Name
Stomach 9 人迎Ren YingSea of Qi
Stomach 30 氣衝Qi ChongSea of Water & Grain
Stomach 36 足三里Zu San LiSea of Water & Grain
Stomach 37 上巨虚Shang Ju XuSea of Blood
Stomach 39 下巨虚Xia Ju XuSea of Blood
Urinary Bladder 11 大杼Da ZhuSea of Blood
Du Mai (Governing Vessel) 16 風府Feng FuSea of Marrow
Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) 17 膻中Dan ZhongSea of Qi
Du Mai (Governing Vessel) 14 大椎Da ZhuiSea of Qi
Du Mai (Governing Vessel) 15 啞門Ya MenSea of Qi
Du Mai (Governing Vessel) 20 百會Bai HuiSea of Marrow

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