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Location中文Pin Yin NamePoint Name
Lung 3 天府Tian FuPalace of Heaven
Large Intestine 18 扶突Fu TuSupport the Prominence
Stomach 9 人迎Ren YingMan's Welcome
Small Intestine 16 天窗Tian ChuangHeavenly Window
Small Intestine 17 天容Tian RongHeavenly Appearance
Urinary Bladder 10 天柱Tian ZhuCelestial Pillar
Pericardium 1 天池Tian ChiHeavenly Pool
San Jiao (Triple Burner) 16 天牖Tian YouWindow of Heaven
Du Mai (Governing Vessel) 16 風府Feng FuPalace of Wind
Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) 22 天突Tian TuHeavenly Prominence

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