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Pin Yin Name中文Common Name
Ding Chuan Tang 定喘湯Arrest Wheezing Decoction
Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang 丁香柿蒂湯Clove and Persimmon Calyx Decoction
Gan Jiang Ren Shen Ban Xia Wan  Ginger, Ginseng and Pinellia Pill
Ju Pi Tang  Tangerine Peel Decoction
Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang (modified) 橘皮竹茹湯Tangerine Peel and Bamboo Shavings Decoction (from formulas to aid the living)
Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang 橘皮竹茹湯Tangerine Peel and Bamboo Shavings Decoction
Liu Mo Tang 六磨湯Six Milled-herb Decoction
Shen Mi Tang  Mysterious Decoction
Shi Di Tang  Persimmon Calyx Decoction
Si Mo Tang 四磨湯Four Milled-Herb Decoction
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang 蘇子降氣湯Perilla Fruit Decoction for Directing Qi Downward
Wu Mo Yin Zi  Five Milled-Herb Decoction
Xin Zhi Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang  Newly-Formulated Tangerine Peel and Bamboo Shavings Decoction
Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang 旋覆代赭湯Inola and Hematite Decoctioon

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Formulas for External Therapies
Formulas that Clear Heat
  Clear Heat from the Qi Level
  Clear Heat from the Nutritive Level and Cool the Blood
  Clear Heat and Resolves Toxicity
  Clear Heat from the Organs
  Clear Heat from Deficiency
  Relieve Summerheat
Formulas that Drain Downward
  Purge Heat Accumulation
  Moisten the Intestines and Unblock the Bowels
  Warm the Yang and Guide Out Accumulation
  Drive Out Excess Water
Formulas that Calm the Spirit
  Nourish the Heart and Calm the Spirit
  Sedate and Calm the Spirit
Formulas that Expel Dampness
  Promote Urination and Leach out Dampness
  Transform Damp Turbidity
  Clear Damp Heat
  Warm and Transform Water and Dampness
  Dispel Wind-Dampness
Formulas that Expel Parasites
Formulas that Expel Wind
  Release Wind from the Skin and Channels
  Extinguish Internal Wind
Formulas that Harmonize
  Harmonize Lesser Yang-stage Disorders
  Regulate and Harmonize the Liver and Spleen
  Harmonize the Stomach and Intestines
Formulas that Invigorate the Blood
  Invigorate the Blood and Dispel Blood Stasis
  Warm the Menses and Dispel Blood Stasis
  Invigorate the Blood in the Treatment of Traumatic Injury
Formulas that Open the Orifices
  Clear Heat and Open the Orifices
  Warm and Open the Orifices
  Scour Phlegm and Open the Orifices
Formulas that Reduce Food Stagnation
Formulas that Regulate the Qi
  Promote the Movement of Qi
  Direct Rebellious Qi Downward
Formulas that Release the Exterior
  Release Early-Stage Exterior
  Release Exterior Cold
  Release Exterior Wind-Heat
  Release Exterior Disorders with Head and Neck Symptoms
  Release Exterior Disorders with Interior Deficiency
  Release Exterior-lnterior Excess
Formulas that Stabilize and Bind
  Stabilize the Exterior and the Lungs
  Restrain Leakage from the lntestines
  Stabilize the Kidneys
  Stabilize the Womb
Formulas that Stop Bleeding
  Clear Heat and Stop Bleeding
  Tonify and Stop Bleeding
Formulas that Tonify
  Tonify the Qi
  Tonify the Blood
  Tonify the Qi and Blood
  Nourish and Tonify the Yin
  Warm and Tonify the Yang
Formulas that Treat Dryness
  Gently Disperse and Moisten Dryness
  Enrich the Yin and Moisten Dryness
Formulas that Treat Phlegm
  Dry Dampness and Expel Phlegm
  Clear Heat and Transform Phlegm
  Moisten Dryness and Transform Phlegm
  Transform Phlegm and Dissipate Nodules
  Warm and Transform Cold-Phlegm
  Transform Phlegm and Extinguish Wind
  Induce Vomiting to Discharge Phlegm
Formulas that Warm Interior Cold
  Warm the Channels and Disperse Cold
  Warm the Middle and Dispel Cold
  Rescue Devastated Yang